Eventhough the Falles have been a celebration that has regularly been held in Isil, the traditional dances as part of the celebration disappeared for some time and it is not known exactly when they stopped being danced. An article from 10th July 1902 in La Veu de Catalunya (Catalonia’s Voice) said that a dance called Ball Pla was danced during that festivity. Additional information coming from Pere Català Roca´s writings in 1957, indicates that during his visit after the war the dance was still performed during the celebration. In 1978 Jaume Arnella and Dolors Llopart re-incorporated the music into the festivities after a conversations that they had with the elders of the village. In 1993, the dances were then also incorporated thanks to the initiative of the Cultural Council of Valls d'àneu and the Dansàneu. Since then, each 23th June, we all gather in a circle around the Falla Major, and dance and sing the traditional songs and dances of this celebration.

La Marxa dels Fallaires

El Ball de Bastons

El Ball Pla

La Bolangera